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Thinking of hiring a dedicated developers or want to make your own team?
Vincent IT has experienced swift3, iOS, android, ASP.NET & PHP developers, ready available to go on your project, ensuring on time completion, lowest possible cost and assured success.

When it comes to unique design and constraints that small form-factors presents, our developers are best in their service deliverable. We have some of the best technology engineers working over swift, iOS, android, .NET (MVC-3), MySQL 5.x platforms; dedicated to deliver outstanding user experience, minimizing logical / technological errors with simple yet efficient and functional outcome.

Why Hire Our Developers

  • Mobile App Developers come with 6+ years’ of expertise in iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and cross-platform mobile applications

  • ASP.NET Programmers have 7+ Years’ experience with expertise in ASP.NET 3.5, .NET (MVC-3), C#, VB.NET, PL/SQL, WCF, and SharePoint etc.

  • PHP Programmers have 6+ Years’ development knowledge with advancement in PHP 5.x/MySQL 5.x, AJAX, CakePHP / Zend / CodeIgniter, Drupal etc.

  • Experience in integrating REST, SOAP, and JASON etc.

  • We produce well optimized code for uninterrupted app functioning.

  • Better understanding of each business model with skills in downstream and upstream systems

Duties and Responsibilities as iOS/Android Engineer

  • Identify new mobile technologies, trends, opportunities,
    and relating them to enhance products and business

  • Maintain the highest level of product reliability, quality,
    and reusability

  • Explore and develop innovative solutions to create delightful App

  • Equal contribution in to both front-end UI, API Access
    design and development

Education, Skills and Experience

  • Proficient in Swift 2/Swift3/Objective C/Android/ Windows App/ ASP.net MVC/ PHP

  • Proficient in design patterns and API design

  • Experience developing web & mobile products and services.

  • Skilled in enterprise software engineering best practices (coding standards, code reviews, source control management, continuous integration, unit testing, etc.)

  • Experience in using Agile Methodology (Sprints, Scrums, etc.)

  • Experience in using TDD practices.

Working Methodology

  • Select dedicated developer

  • Choose specified hiring terms (monthly, weekly)

  • Working Hour 8Hrs/Day, 5 Days a Week

  • Communication will be made through email, IMs, calls

  • Backup developer in case of unavailability

Development Charges (Pricing)

  • Min Duration: 1 Month

  • Monthly Fix Cost: $2999 (First month $1999 only)

  • Apart from Devolvement Hours, additional hours will be billed at $30/hour

  • Advance approval on email will require for working


Mobile App Developement Services


iCompete is complete solution to address any coaching institute, school, college to run their own independent platform , custom mobile apps on IOS , Android and Web giving you extra edge on your offering to the students.

Mobile App Developement Services

Medical Guide To Culture

The Medical Guide to Culture is also an amazing tool for healthcare students with instructors wanting them to go the extra step when preparing to care for patients.

Big Data Services- Vincent IT Inc


Eyewitness is a social platform for people, to people and by the people to combine them into the same roof to raise their social causes and crime scenes taking place on their neighbouring and demand for the justice.

Custom Software Development

Work Force Enablement

Workforce Enablement is a tool that benefits both the customer and the vendor in the janitorial, landscape, or mechanical engineering relationship. It provides definitive proof of accountability and performance, eliminating the need to constantly oversee work completion.

Mobile App Developement Services


It is a debt calculating Application that provides consumers a way resolve their debt via DEBT NEGOTIATION or DEBT SETTLEMENT.

Mobile App Developement Services

God Created World

God Created World is an iPad application solely intended to help children learn scripture from the book of Genesis. This application lets you learn how God created the world and what He mastered all seven days!

Big Data Services- Vincent IT Inc

Aarti Sangrah

BHAKTI AARTI SANGRAH is a best in class offline app, offering exclusive set of Aartis, Chalisa, Hindu Puja Vidhi, festivals, Strota and more in a single time installation.

Custom Software Development

MDraw lite

“MDRAW lite” is a drawing tool for any age, let your imagination take shape while you are on the go. Do not let your artist wait for painting tool, this application allow you to create advance level of art/graphics.